Jubail Renewable Energy Systems Company

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Activities of Jubail Renewable Energy Systems Company Ltd (JRESC). are supported by professional knowledge and skills of its employees, purposefulness and professionalism. The main business focus is to develop geo-databases, simulation tools and web services for planning, performance monitoring and management of solar power production. The services provided to our customers are a result of in-house research and development activities, and hence we can guarantee service of the highest quality, which is based on latest scientific and technological knowledge.

Our long-term objective is to contribute to the changing global economic orientation towards sustainable production and consumption, and promote environmentally friendly energy technologies.

The policy of our company is directed towards continuous improvement of professional base, streamlining internal corporate processes, and increasing commercial activity in order to meet our customers' requirements. In relation to our customers the principle of building long-term transparent partnership based on mutual respect and professional approach is applied.

To achieve long-term strategy of the company we have established the following principles of quality policy:

  • The company attaches great importance to the continuous improvement of quality management system in the provision of services, wherein the primary concern is customer satisfaction
  • The company provides professional services that meet individual customer needs, while its parameters satisfy the market demands and standards 
  • Great emphasis is placed on communication with customers to build a reliable and stable long-term partnership 
  • The feedback from customers is seen as a motivational element to increase service quality, as well as to improve the management culture of all processes and the application of modern methods and technologies 
  • Management is committed to create conditions for implementation and continuous improvement of quality management 
  • We create conditions that promote quality performance of the functions and activities in the company by the appropriate choice of personnel 
  • The aim of the company is to create a highly motivational environment 
  • Provision of good working environment and conditions for all staff to achieve the best performance