Jubail Renewable Energy Systems Company

Message from Head

Chairman's Message

Message from Head

It gives me immense pleasure to ascribe this success to two key cornerstones on which our business has been built, first is the co-operation of our valued customers, who recognized the benefits & value of utilizing our services and their patronage and the second, dedication of our professional and loyal employees’ untiring efforts which enabled to achieve excellence in our business activities. This continuous success journey is speeded over more than three decades.

We are dedicated to adapting and improving our methods, systems and operations in anticipation of the changing needs of our clients. Whilst we are firmly committed to provide reliable core business services, we are constantly seeking to expand our field of operations & our offer base. Our goal is to enhance our capabilities & competence to encompass the foreseeable needs of the market.

Mutlaq M. Bin Naba Al Qahtani